Have you ever needed a break so bad that all you think about is beaches, sand, green trees and tranquil spots around the world wishing you could teleport there? I was tired, cranky, feeling out of energy and sometimes super bitchy. Maybe that’s the reason Mr. B decided to surprise me with a short trip to Kerala. I was thrilled. Needless to say my bags were packed in a day and off we went!

Never before have I needed a break so badly. The winter blues weren’t helping the already drained situation I was in. Kerala was a pleasing break from all. No cooking, no cleaning, no work, no orders, no grocery shopping, no washing to do. All I did in Kerala was put my feet up and chill. We actually didn’t even explore so much. We visited only 3 places in a whole week. We spent most of our time in the hotel balcony enjoying the views, or restaurant, or in the bed, or in the spa. All I wanted was to be lazy, relax and not worry about missing out on seeing the place. Kerala is exceedingly picturesque. Even the journey was filled with scenic views and long winding roads.


Our first stop was Munnar, which has hills blanketed in tea plants. All you see, everywhere your eye goes… Tea. Our hotel had amazing views of the sunrise and sunset. Sunsets are our thing, Mr. B & mine.  The valley is almost always shrouded in mist and fog.


Sunrise in Munnar : That was the view from our bed
Sunset in the valley. Doesn’t the sun look delicious?

We visited a nearby garden which made me go wild with exhilaration. It is one of the best I have seen so far. That’s partly because every plant was flowering at the time. It was so colourful I could spend the entire day there looking at the flowers.


We had an opportunity to see a Tea museum (but it was really a Munnar museum telling the story of the place). Mr. B is a tea person. He has an obscene amount of tea everyday. Needless to say he was in his heaven. We also bought a tremendous amount of tea varieties to try at home.


Next on our list was Thekkady which is right in the middle of forest area. This is a national park and just walking around in the forest you easily come across a lot of wildlife.


We took a boat ride early in the morning to check out the birds. Still, we couldn’t spot any elephants or tigers. With only 48 tigers left in the entire park, they are a rare sight.


Finally, we went to Kumarakom and this was only for the amazing sunset. All we did in Kumarakom was shop and watch the sunset.


The peaceful stillness of the lake is really something. You dont hear any traffic, any machines nothing. Just water and birds, and the occasional paddling of a boat.


Oh and did I mention, after tea the entire route from Munnar to Thekkady has huge coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations? Like its all one big spice forest.

Pepper plant
Coffee:Arabica robusta

After this Kerala trip I understand what rejuvenation is. Kerala is amazing for an escape into the nature. Also, one of the best places to buy silk sarees. (I bought 6, some as gifts to our moms.)

I highly recommend Kerala to anyone looking for any sort of Ayurveda stuff or looking for a calm peaceful time away from your everyday life.



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