Aria Lacy Dress Pattern

Hello everyone!

I’m back to blogging and this time I am here to share my very first pattern tutorial.

I recently made a few dresses/frocks, some for customers, some just for fun. You can check them out on my Instagram. I apologize in advance if the instructions are confusing. Its my first time. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I promise I will reply and try to help you anyway I can.

This is my Aria lacy dress. The size I have made is for 6-9 months, however, you can modify this pattern to fit any size.


Let’s get to the pattern for this dress. I have used a simple 4ply acrylic wool from Vardhaman Millenium. I don’t know the shade number or name. This is a soft yarn and in my experience completely baby safe. Its very warm and cozy as well.


Size: 6-9 months

Hook: 4.00mm

Terminology: American crochet terms.

Stitches: V stitch: 1dc, ch1, 1dc in same space.

Double V stitch: 2dc, ch2, 2dc in same space.


St: stitch

Ch: chain

Sc: single crochet

Dc: double crochet

Hdc: half double crochet

v-st: V stitch

slip st: slip stitch



insta aria dress 3.jpg

Foundation chain: 78 {multiples of 3} For other sizes make the foundation chain long enough to fit the person’s chest.

Row 1:  In the second chain from the hook work 1 Hdc.  Work 1hdc into every chain till the end. Ch1(not considered a stitch) and turn,

Row 2:  1 hdc into the back loop only of every hdc from the previous row. This will create the ridged texture on the bodice. Work 1hdc into the ch2 from beginning of row1

Row 3-Row 10: repeat row 2

##Once you feel the bodice is long enough you can stop. For adult sizes you will need to repeat row 2 more times than for a baby. I checked after row 11 that the length was enough for a 9month old and stopped.

Row 11: 1hdc into back loop only all the way around and join to the first hdc with a slip st. From here on, you will work in rounds and there is no need to turn your work. Decide at this point which side you will like to be the right side of your dress and start row12.



Row 12: ch4 (counts as 1dc, ch1) 1dc into the same st(makes 1 V-st). skip 2 sts, *7dc into next st, skip 2 stitches, v-st into next, skip next 2 sts*. Repeat pattern between * till end of round. Slip st into the fourth ch of ch4 from beginning of round.

Row 13: ch4,1dc (counts as a V-st) in the same ch1 space of v-st from previous row. *Skip next 2 dc, 1dc in each of the next 5dc. Skip next 2dc ,V-st in next ch 1 space*. Repeat from * till end of row and slip stitch into the fourth chain of beginning ch4.

Row 14: ch4 and 1sc into the same ch1 space. {Ch2.  1dc,* ch1, 1dc into the next st,* Repeat from * five times total. Ch2,  1sc into the next ch1 space of v-st from last row, ch3, 1sc into the same ch1 space. }

Repeat instructions between { } till end of round. Ch2 and slip st into the ch4 from beginning of row.

Row 15: ch3(counts as 1dc), 6dc into the ch4 loop from last row. *skip 2 dc from last row, v-st into the next dc (3rd dc of the 5 dc from last row).  Skip next 2dc, 7dc into the chain3 loop from previous row. *

Repeat pattern between * till end of round.

Row16 onwards: Repeat row 12 to row 15 until you have reached your desired length.

EDGING: after the last round of row15, you should have cluster of 7dc and v-st alternating.

For the edging of this dress I did a repeat of 7dc into the ch1 space of each v-stitch and 7dc in the centre (on top of the 4th dc of the cluster) of each shell/scallop.

Slip stitch to the first dc and bind off.



Before working the straps determine where you want the straps to start and end. To do this, lay your work flat with the back opening in the centre. Now determine where you would like the straps to be. I did mine 4 sts in from either end and joined about 7 sts in from the back opening. I also crossed mine at the back.

Alternatively, you can count the number of stitches to skip from the back opening on both sides and start the strap there. For example: for my dress, it comes to 26 sts on right and 26 sts on left. This way you know your straps are equidistant from the opening.

Right strap: Join yarn. Ch3, 1dc, ch2, 2dc into the same st(makes a double v-st). *Turn, slip st over the 2 dc and 1lip st into the ch2 space. Ch1, 2dc, ch2, 2dc into the ch2 space of the previous V. *

Repeat from *until desired length is achieved. Leave a long tail and cut yarn. With a tapestry needle join the strap to the back of the dress using the tail.

Left strap: worked same as right.

To make the straps cross at the back, join the right strap to the left side of the opening and vice versa.


Join yarn at the end of the back opening and do 1 sc across to the other end. You will be working the Sc into the side of the Hdc of the bodice. Once you reach the end, chain 6 and slip st into the last sc. Bind off.

Attach a button on the opposite side of the chain6 loop.


Weave in all the ends and you are done!

Let me know how your dress turned out! You can also tag me on Instagram with “@cozzycrochet”

Have a good day and happy hooking! 😉

Please remember: You are free to use this pattern to make and sell, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in print or any other way. DO NOT use my photos in your listings. Please do share my blog links! It’s a quick and FREE way of supporting me and hopefully lots of free crochet patterns in the future.





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