Crochet baby set

Friend: Can you make a crochet baby set? Like shoes and mittens etc.? I want to gift a friend of mine who just delivered a baby boy. I’ll pay.

Me: Sure I can make it! Just decide the colours and design.

That is how I got my very first crochet order. Custom made baby clothes. It took me longer than I anticipated. The results? Here they are:

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There was also a blanket in fan ripple stitch blanket in same colour scheme, which I couldn’t photograph before giving it. I must admit, there is some weird sense of satisfaction when you make money doing what you love. I’d never really worked for money. This was like my first pay. And it felt sooooo good!

On the suggestion of the same friend I started to sell my crochet products in Diwali last year. It was just a small stall at her office, like a Diwali bazaar thing. I made decent amount of money. This year I’ve decided to go again. I’m making new things to display and sell. Hopefully, I can bring a little bit of cozy to others life. 😛

I’m really really really loving “my work”. Its so relaxing, soothing and at the same time inspiring. I’m in crochet heaven. 🙂






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