Peekaboo! I see you:)

Glimpses. Do you catch the glimpse of the delightful world around you? Often, I find myself looking at something and smiling like an idiot, stunned by the lovely world surrounding me.

Today my garden gave me glimpses of joy, life and colour. Having spent an entire viciously hot summer refusing to flower, they decided to dance in the rain. I was glad to see the flower buds last week, but then they started to open up and the little bit of colour peeking through just made me so mind-bogglingly happy.



It’s like a promise they make to serve you a feast for your senses. The velvety petals, the powdery pollens to stain your hands, and let’s not forget the color! I am a nature person. I can sit for hours with my plants and drink in their beauty.


I started to dance when I saw this seedling. I had put some seeds in and nothing grew for about a month. I had given up hope when suddenly last week I saw signs of life!


Mr. B was looking at me with enchantment when I started doing my happy dance. I caught the glimpse of pure happy and affection in his eyes. I’m sure he was thinking ‘what have I married?’ It’s been just a couple of years, but we have been through so much together. It doesn’t seem like much from the outside. However, the little things –struggles, compromises, adjustments-made our bond stronger and made us fall in love deeper.

Coming back to earth, Thanks to my many plants, we have regular visits from a variety of birds and insects. I’m not so fond of the creepy crawlies, but I love the bees. I don’t know what prompted the birds to stop by. Maybe it was the little bit of green in the dry summer or maybe it was the millipedes in my pot.

I love my green patch right now. It just refreshes you every time you take a peek at it.


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