Diwali Special

Diwali is a big festival in India. It’s a weeklong celebration with diyas, firecrackers and a lot of gifts. This year I decided to make a few drawstring bags for Diwali. Colourful and traditional ‘batwas’ as they are called in Hindi, are one of my favourite things to crochet. The easy and simplicity of drawstring bags is what appeals to me. Its always big enough for your essentials, like cell phones and cash. However, it isn’t a pain to carry around whole day (which often happens with me with a regular purse that gets stuffed with stuff as the day progresses.) However I get a sense that not many women like it. I wonder why?!?! Take a look.

batwa group1I chose brighter shades this time to make them lot more cheerful. Plus, they are all kind of on trend with the colour blocking and bright neon.

batwa pink grey batwa hexagon batwa green blue batwa colour

batwa pink grey2

batwa pearl

batwa green

We did lots of random things this Diwali. I attempted to make the traditional snacks that are served in Diwali and everything is eatable… so that’s good. We got our woodwork projects on track and we gifted ourselves a few new tools to help speed up those projects. I hope I will soon be able to share pictures of our photo frames and wooden stools.


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