Colour therapy for the restless soul

Whenever I’m restless, I go to my stash of yarns and start something. The repetitive process of crochet and the mix of colours soothes me. It reminds me there is nothing to worry about. It assures me the world will not fall to pieces if I take this moment and relax. My colour schemes are mostly inspired by nature like in this crochet drawstring bag.

drawstring 3
I sit in my balcony every morning looking at the wonder of Mama Nature. From the evening before, my roses have grown new red shoots. My seedlings have managed to grow one more pair of bright green leaves. My flowers have decided its time to go and some young buds have had the chance to grow and a tiny crack in the sepals reveals the bright wonder it holds inside. The dawning sun throws a beautiful orange out in the sky, mixed with patches of white and blue. Also, a colourful variety of birds, bees and insects visit my balcony.
I love colour. Colours, for me have this property to excite, soothe or anger and even irritate. A mix of bright colours in this crochet drawstring bag is inspired by the arrival of festival season here in India. We have a string of festivities coming up with Ganesh utsav, Navratri and then Diwali coming up soon. It will be followed up by Christmass and new year celebrations by the end of the year.

drawstring 2

drawstring 5
Colours used in this crochet project are jewel tones mixed with the right shades of blue and green to ground it all.
The combination in this crochet drawstring puts me in a lively energetic mood. Renergized from all the colours I now have to get on to making some more of these. They will serve as gift bags in the long list of festivals.


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