Fit for a princess

I love crocheting for babies. Its always so cheerful. You can use any colour or all colours together in one piece. This sandal is a fairly basic version. I didn’t like the plain look of the crochet sandals so I decided to give it a little bit of fun by adding crocodile stitch on top. Also I added a cute button for embellishment.

crochet crocodile stitch sandals

yellow crocdile stitch sandals 6

yellow crocdile stitch sandals2

yellow crocodile stitch sandals9

I confess… I’m in that phase where my maternal side is awakened and craving for tiny little fingers and feet to play with… and… well I’m sure every lady goes through this. Since, I don’t have a bubba of my own, I took to making things for others’ tiny tots. Result: another pair of baby sandals.

yellow crocodile stitch sandals10

I think it should fit a 9-12 months old princess. I just need to figure out how to make the sole a little more stiffer. I don’t like how it is so much softer right now. Although 9 month olds don’t really walk, but they are at the stage where they are constantly trying something new.

yellow crocodile stitch sandals3

Meanwhile here are some random clicks from my sunny balcony.

thumb_DSC03170_1024 thumb_DSC03172_1024 thumb_DSC03175_1024 thumb_DSC03177_1024 thumb_DSC03178_1024 thumb_DSC03183_1024thumb_DSC03249_1024


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