Roses! Because what’s a garden without it?

I have finally managed to get a climbing rose in bright pink! I also bought a peach/pinkish coloured rose for my balcony. Oh! They are a delight to look at! The dainty, delicate branches dance in the cool breeze.

pink rose1 pink climbing rose2 pink climbing rose

Here is what the balcony now looks like…. pbalconyp flowers1petunias

planterI got an extra pot and planted a few verbena seeds in. I’m hoping they germinate. In fact, I’m praying.

Inspired by the roses in the balcony, I made a few from paper. I got the template from The Elli blog. I don’t own a printer and besides who would pass up the opportunity to paint roses? So, I got my colours out and put my dusty skills to use. They are not perfectly coloured but then again, which flowers are?paper rose 3

paperrose6 paperrose9 paperrose7

I folded them up and glued it all together like in THIS tutorial and suddenly I had permanent roses! I plan on giving them leaves and other features if possible. A little bit of DIY is good for health.

Maybe I should crochet a few flowers to keep them company in this cold weather. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Roses! Because what’s a garden without it?

  1. I love your flowers (real and paper)/plants/pots! ❤ You did inspire me to get my own plants, I recently shared this on my blog 🙂 I hope they don't give up on me.


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