New beginnings

I’m sorry I have been away for so long. As you know I recently moved, and I’m sure you know how stressing it all can be. It’s been a couple of months but we are still shopping, selling and setting up.

I have for you today my new balcony garden. I have two balconies, however, only one is covered. After managing to kill all my plants (neglecting them in excessive rains), I decided to move the pots into the smaller covered balcony and get new plants. This is how far I’ve got with it.

IMG_20150730_182644 IMG_20150730_182651


I’m hoping to get climbing roses and some big planters to grow some veges. Right now the whole balcony is more of a dumping ground  for anything “we might need so lets keep it dry”.

I have got some wooden pallets and I’m planning to make a seating/ storage out of that with the help of Mr. B. I’m designing it and he is going to build it. I can’t wait to have a good place to sit and admire the plants.

I made Sheer khurma or as I call it, Shevaliya Kheer for my extremely sweet-foodaholic sister.

IMG_20150729_200537 IMG_20150729_200344

Its made out of vermicelli and milk, garnished with dry fruits. Me and my sis enjoyed it watching the sun go down. I’m a big lover of sunsets as you must have noticed by now.

2015-08-11-19-21-58-822 2015-08-11-19-20-44-939

There is something soothing in watching the Sun set in the wild frenzy of colours and letting the bejeweled sky take over.


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