Experiments with Tapestry Crochet

One of the things I love about crochet is that the possibilities with it are endless. I recently stumbled upon a different form of crochet called Tapestry Crochet. The crochet work is made up entirely of  single crochet or half double crochet stitches. Usually when colours are added, one yarn is crocheted and rest are carried, concealed within the stitches.


I love the look of it. The tight stitches give it a look of a woven fabric rather than crocheted. I’m still trying to perfect it. Trying to learn what I can by experimenting as every tutorial I find is in Spanish or something that I don’t understand.

tapestry crochet


By default the single crochet stitches tend to lean or skew towards right if you are right handed. There are ways to counter it and I’m figuring things out as I go. Does anyone here know anything about tapestry crochet? It would be a lot of help if I could get some pointers. Like for example my design is not as crisp as it should be. The design is originally all diamonds, but in my work it looks more like curved petals.


Frustrated after a long afternoon spent making the curves into something resembling a diamond, I decided it was time for break. The skies were turning pink and a cup of tea was just what I need to relax and take my mind off it. aaahhh!



2 thoughts on “Experiments with Tapestry Crochet

  1. It’s very lovely! First time for me to hear about tapestry crochet, seems interesting. I’m a recent crochet addict myself. Currently experimenting with granny squares and doll clothes 🙂


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