I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I went away for a bit without a word.

Mr. B and me were shifting to a new place. Its a tiny flat in a quiet locality and I get two big balconies! Unfortunately its rainy season here and apart from tending to the plants I can’t do much there.

I also went away to my parents place for a few days. They live the village life now and I had a relaxing break from everything in life. Things just become better with mom around! 🙂 I spend almost three days without any electricity at my mom’s place. There was a blackout and I survived nicely with her hens and cocks clucking around at 4 am everyday. I felt that time slowed down. It was like a detox for my mind. Peace!

IMG_20150520_190001 IMG_20150520_185911 IMG_20150520_190037 IMG_20150520_190347 IMG_20150528_072800I made a few crochet items with my mom. For now feast your eyes on these cute little baby booties I made while listening to moms tips.

baby booties-pink

I will share more photos with you all as soon as I get some time from setting up our new flat.


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