Pineapple Motif Crochet Shawl

Here is the beautiful pineapple motif shawl I made a while ago. I made it for my Mom. It’s lacey crochet and I love the colour.

pineapple motif shawl 1

pineapple motif shawl 2

It is supposed to have tassels on the two sides, however I ran out of yarn. It was the second time I ran out of yarn so I was bit annoyed with me. I started the crochet shawl as a swatch in that colour. I liked it so I kept going. Then I got more of the same yarn to finish it, and as usual I miscalculated. Now my Local yarn shop doesn’t have any more of it 😦

The shawl has 13 pineapples in the last row and the edging is simple picot stitch.

picot edging crochet pineapple motif shawl Picot edging pineapple motif crochet shawl

It didn’t really need any edging but I like this. It makes the crochet shawl look more finished. Here are some more pics.

pineapple motif shawl 3 pineapple motif shawl 4

A close up:

IMG_20150330_091957 IMG_20150330_091852

Its perfect for summer nights as well (It gets boiling hot in India but is generally cool at night). I loved making this crochet shawl. It was extra special and warm as I made it for my Mom. She was here a few weeks ago and tried it and everything. She loves loves loves it of course. But she left it behind so I could make tassels and finish it off (soon, hopefully).

Also Mr.B and I have started dabbling in woodwork. I like that we spend time with each other making something other than a beautifully cooked chicken biryani.

wood work 1

We are trying a simple Photo frame first. Everything is going to be handmade here. We haven’t got any power tools. We got it all terribly wrong earlier. A few YouTube and internet visits later we have this…

wood work frame 2

It still needs to be joined. It is quiet off and not perfect but not bad for a first time, eh?


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