Scrap yarn busting crochet projects

Every crocheter has this issue, we get yarn for a project and then there is this bit remaining which is not enough for anything, not even a sock. My mom-in-law and me both crochet and knit. This means loads of scarps. We have a bagful; ironically the bag itself is made of bits of scrap yarn crocheted together.

1 2 copy 35486

So scrap stash busting exercise- doilies. It’s a good idea as crochet doilies can be colourful and you can change colour after each round.

The Boho bags are also a good idea. Here is what we have.

IMG_20150330_190647 IMG_20150330_190654 IMG_20150330_190706

Another way to bust scraps is making bunting. I made something, I don’t know if it can be called bunting, in Feb for valentines day.


You can check more pics HERE. It’s fun and can be used any-time for any random celebration.



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