I love lists <3

Making lists and fixing a deadline on things helps me get my work done. I make one almost every week to help prioritizing my tasks. Recently I came across the ‘101 things to do in 1001 days’ lists. Frankly I cannot list 101 things to do and I definitely do not have patience to wait 1001 days if I make a list! Hence, I came up with my own modest ’50 things to do before 2015 ends’ list. Here it is:

50 Things To Do Before The Year Ends.

  1. Complete 30 crochet projects
  2. Learn to sew and make at least 5 items (0/5)
  3. Get back to sketching and do 5 sketches (0/5)
  4. Finish decorating 3 terracotta vases
  5. Plant new seeds and make sure they live
  6. Grow a bonsai from scratch
  7. Get some kind of garden in the backyard wasteland
  8. Make 5 new wood work things
  9. Learn photography
  10. Learn to paint again… Water colours
  11. Learn everything about banking and stock market
  12. Commit to selfie Sundays until I perfect it and  am comfortable photographing myself
  13. Sell 5 crochet items made by me
  14. Learn wood carving and make my own stamps
  15. Set-up kick starter account and work on it
  16. Promote my blog by connecting to Facebook and Twitter
  17. Try dance lessons at home
  18. Try 1 new recipe every week (with Indian food the possibilities are endless)
  19. Make a dinner for 6 all by myself
  20. Perfect piping butter cream roses to make myself happy
  21. Make brownies from scratch
  22. Do yoga every day for two weeks (for starters)
  23. Try early morning trip to Parvati and see if I like it
  24. Visit historic places in and around Pune
  • Lal mahal
  • Shaniwar vada
  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Aga khan Palace
  • Pataleshwar
  • Chatushringi Mandir
  • Vetal Tekdi
  • Mahadji Shinde Chhatri
  • 3 forts
  • Ohel David synagogue
  • Neelkantheshwar temple
  • National War Museum
  • Bhimashankar
  • Empress garden (dunno if it still exists)
  • Actually go and see Pashan Lake
  1. Go inside Dagdu Seth Ganpati Mandir once (I haven’t till date and it’s kind of a big deal in India)
  2. 1 trip to Goa
  3. See a new place with Bhushan
  4. Visit a different country
  5. Buy 1 piece of jewellery for myself
  6. Fix the wardrobe situation. Get into different style
  7. Read 10 new books
  8. Read 4 biographies
  9. Colour my hair lighter brown
  10. Get rid of glasses
  11. Reconnect with old friends
  12. Learn the art of forgiving more starting at home
  13. Put aside Rs. 200 every week to save up for something big (Maybe a vacation to some place nice)
  14. Open a De-mat account and invest.
  15. Write one piece of publishable material article every month
  16. Make a photo album
  17. Become a part of a group or organisation that is into stuff I like to do
  18. Join or form a group for crochet and sewing (Like a stitch n bitch session)
  19. Eat more fruits
  20. Make something with my lovely sisters
  21. Wear a true red lipstick someday
  22. Spend a day completely switched off (no phone, pods, telly or laptop)
  23. De-clutter my horribly cluttered house.
  24. Knit a sweater for Mr.B
  25. Get more Eco friendly. Curb the habit of excessive use of detergents and cleaners
  26. De-stress, relax and dedicate half hour every day to just myself.

There are many more things I will like to do which are not on the list, like more date nights with Mr.B; less procrastination. But I have put up 50 things on the lists that are difficult for me to do. I want to make time and start crossing things off my list.


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