Caged in with some colour

It’s a beautiful morning with perfect amount of Sun and fun. Our balcony got a not so nice upgrade. The cage (as I call it) is a result of increase in breaking and entering in my area. We live on the third floor but that isn’t going to deter any criminals. As a result everyone in the building had to get one fitted.


It’s absolutely lame and now all I see when I look up from my work are bars. 


I put an unused dupatta up to get some shade from the sun. That helps me keep cool and allows me to sit in my balcony all day long (if needed). 

On a positive note, the cage has given me extra space to put some more pots and planters. Mr. B has strictly said no to increase the traffic. Maybe I could get him to agree to just a little bit more green. Hopefully, I could get some climbers to go around the bars and hide their hideousness. Sigh!

The balcony is flourishing with all the different colours. Have a look…

yellow rose 3purple pansy purple pansy plant pink sharp c1 pink sharp cyellow sun close 2yeloow sun 2 pink cacti pink cacti plant mix pansy 2 mix pansy 1 IMG_20150315_105806 IMG_20150315_105801 yellow pansy

I’m working on a new blanket. It’s going to be all grey. It’s unusual for me to not mix colours. So, staying true to myself I got bright neon yellow to do a trim once it’s done. I decided to do something that is more polished and “adult-ish”. I love colourful crochet but the plain simple things do have a charm that’s unbeatable. 


the yellow looks washed out I know, but I swear it’s neon yellow. I’ll upload photos later when I take some good ones.


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