African flower purses

I absolutely love crocheting African flowers. The vibrant colours and the different combinations you could produce… the possibilities are endless. A while ago I decided to make a small purse to keep my iPod with its headphones in. Then I wanted to keep my phone in as well. But I wanted to make something that’s colourful and feminine. the boring simple double crochet cozies that are widely available just won’t do it for me. So I made these African flower purses.

red african purse

pink african purse

The red one reminds me of Christmas. I think the colour scheme is affected by festive colours as I started it in December. I made one side of it and then chucked into the “in progress” bin. Last month I decided to finish it up and these are the results. I decided on a drawstring to avoid any scratches from any buttons on the Pod or Phone.

red african flower purse 2

pink african flower purse 2

My sister wanted one as well. She chose the colours (pink and light blue) and I just made one in a day. Actually just 5 hours. The design is simple but pretty and not that much of an effort. I have done projects where you have to keep checking the pattern, cause if you don’t you keep unravelling your work to correct the mistakes.

It is lined and everything and perfectly houses my iPod, headphones and my phone. (I like not using my phone for music. I prefer pods for that)

Meanwhile, my mom-in-law made a fabulous doily. here it is:

yellow pineaapple doily

She fell a little bit in love with the yellow yarn. Plus she said “I should try the pineapple motif else I will forget how to do it.” She is quiet old fashioned when it comes to these things. She refers to swatches or pieces she has from her mum to make new goodies; whereas, I just go on-line, find something I like and get crocheting. It doesn’t lay flat and I did a terrible job of photographing it. It does cover up our landline phone properly though. So, no tears shed there. 🙂

On another note the weather has changed a bit encouraging the Pansies in my balcony. There are always a few flowers to adore in that corner.

mixed colour pansie




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