Valentine’s Day on a budget

I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day. When I was in college I would do something with my mom. It wasn’t pathetic. I just believed if a day is meant to celebrate love, nothing beats a mother’s love.

Anyway, I feel like the Mister and I need to spend some time together, alone. In a family of 6 plus a dog it does get crowded. However this month is one of those where we just didn’t have any surplus money to spend on a big night out in the town. So I decided to do something at home to surprise Bhushan, my husband, and what could be better than spending an evening in the balcony, shielded by my lovely plants and the cool breeze warming up the heart.  I worked on the projects a few hours every day while he was away at work.

I converted our balcony into a cozy little nook. It took a lot of effort to prepare all things as everything was handmade due to the budget. This is my labour of love…




The drapes or curtains whatever you like to call them are made of crocheted hearts strung together by a crochet chain. I got the idea when I saw something similar on Pinterest made of paper.  It took me a good week to get all of them done, and even then I couldn’t put it all together in time, so Bhushan ended up seeing them and watched me put them all together in the chain. He was so patient with me. He even made a little bit of snack for us to keep me going.


My mom-in-law is also an expert crocheter and she helped make all the yellow hearts. She also made a black one to ward off the evil eye. In India we use a bit of black to keep away bad luck and evil eyes.


I already had enough scraps and unused yarn to make it all. the total cost of that for me was zero as I didn’t buy anything to make them. However if you decide to make them yourself and go out to buy yarn, I think about Rs.200 is more than enough. I made 30 of such strings in a week.

The candles on the floor are home made. I had previously made candles and had some wax and colour left over. All I had to do was to hop over at my aunt’s place (she lives at the other end of the city) and make them so that Bhushan couldn’t see any of it. It was the work for just one afternoon. The results are pretty good. The glass bottles and glasses cost me about Rs.60. The wax, colour and wick had cost me around Rs.300 when I had bought it over a year ago.



The string of LED lights or fairy lights as they are known was a purchase of Rs.200 from an online shopping site. It’s 15 meters long and was enough to make it all perfect.

In addition to that I had a pair of sport shoes ordered for Bhushan and I wrapped up the gift in this awesome way I found here.




I gave my husband the charge of food and drinks and chocolates. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day, and what is Valentine’s without chocolate.

With some soft, romantic music playing in the background, our evening was just perfect. We got all the privacy and all the intimacy without having to dole out a whole lot of money.


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