Upgrading the Balcony

I live in a flat with my husband’s family of 5 members and our dog Simba. So its no surprise that I don’t have a work dedicated area. I prefer working in our balcony or on the bed with all the comfort and cosiness that comes with it. Recently for my birthday I asked for the gift of being able to upgrade the balcony. 3 weeks on, these are the results.


I first got the planters on the parapet, then the rest. It wasn’t easy convincing everyone in the family. It was earlier a desperate pee place for our dog Simba. I stopped that habit when I moved into the family. I must admit I haven’t been completely successful at that. He still does relieve himself in the balcony once in a while. However, the frequency has gone down almost zero.



The pansies in the hanging planters are quiet delicate plants I’m told, hence, they are in the cooler part without harsh sun all day long.





The window peeks into my bedroom. This gave me an idea of putting planters in the window, so when I pull away the curtains, I get a colourful, blissful view of all my plants. I hope all of them will survive the transplanting process and respond well.




Come back again later to see how we are doing. 🙂


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